Journey Through Illness

January 23, 2014

Inspiration — “In Spirit”

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Basically, I’m blown away.  I watched Independent Lens tonight, and the show was “Blood Brother”, the story of graphic designer Rocky Braat, who moved to India to care for HIV-positive orphans.  The guy moved me to tears.  I’m so glad I watched it.  It’s impossible to get caught up in your own superficial bullshit when you watch this film.  The guy truly embodies someone motivated by loving kindness, compassion, and commitment to “be the change”.  I was deeply engrossed in it.  I felt inspired by the documentary, which shared Rocky’s literal and metaphorical journey.

It was hard to see that despite his pure intentions, and the love shared between he and the children, and villagers; the guy received his share of criticism too.  I know this is to be expected.  You’re always going to have your “haters”.  Some detractors criticized Rocky and a father for moving a dying girl from the temple to try and get her medical help.  She ended up dying and some of the locals blamed them.  ..and then, after the film aired there were accusations and a false image being drawn of Rocky being a missionary sent by his church, and that the film is really a [part of] some corporate evangelical effort.  Which was totally false.  Assholes.

I’m glad they showed the complexity of his choice to share his life with the people in the community.  The film showed the difficulty living with struggle day to day; and it showed the emotional and spiritual toll having to tolerate the distress of knowing how differently people live; While at the same time, it depicted how similar we all are in our desire to be seen, loved, touched, cared for, and to share our lives with others.

Healing things today:  watching this inspiring film, and…this was a simple thing but totally made my day:  I got to work and I had a large unsweetened ice tea from Dunkin’ Donuts on my desk with a little note:  “A Random Act of Kindness”; such a nice thing–giving and receiving is, I never found out who did it, but Thanks Universe, I’m feeling a little more hopeful, little by little..


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