Journey Through Illness

January 20, 2014

Healing Things and Stigma

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If you decide to read my blog posts you may see that sometimes I contradict myself, so I want to explain the different entries.

I only shared that I’m writing this blog with two other people, because of the stigma of depression, grief, and heart disease.  I want to be able to really say what I want to without judgment or criticism unless its constructive, and helps in my healing.  Most people will understand the stigma of depression — who wants to be thought of crazy, too sensitive, wacko, or nuts?  But may not understand the stigma of grief, and heart disease.  The stigma of grief has to do with if you are not grieving the “right way”, or “not for the right amount of time”, or if the particular loss happens to be the “last straw on the camel’s back” that takes you down for the count for awhile.  These are some of the reasons people get judged unfairly due to grief.  If it’s not messy, you get it over with and get on with your life in a relatively short amount of time, and are able to always pull yourself up by the bootstraps, then you are ok to grieve.    Oh yes, and you can’t bring anyone else down, too.  The stigma regarding heart disease is this:  You brought it on yourself because you are either:  overweight, smoked, ate fatty, fried foods, used cocaine.  I’ve had doctors assume so many things about me — high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, cocaine use — yep all of these things have been projected and assumed.  And none of them are true except for a brief smoking stint in graduate school 20 years ago.

So, Sometimes I will use the blog to simply vent about what irks me. It’s a proverbial letting some of the steam out of the kettle post.

Sometimes I come across an aha during my day and will share a  new awareness, or something I hadn’t considered before that is working to change the way I am thinking, feeling.

Sometimes I will post about healing things I’ve done throughout the day, and I usually add these at the end of posts to keep track and to remind myself to consciously and pro-actively work towards my own healing.

And, sometimes I will share resources and skills that I’ve come across, researched, and/or find to be useful.

Eventually I’ll categorize them:  Venting, Aha’s, Healing Things, and Resources.


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